How To Find Out If Your A/C’s Air Ducts Are Leaking?

Proper functioning of air ducts matters a lot for maintaining the HVAC infrastructure. Air ducts are like the conduit for the cool or heat airflow of the HVAC infrastructure that helps in maintaining the desired temperature for your home or business. Your air conditioner is made up of many parts that you need to take care of so that it can perform efficiently over time. The probability of glitches occurring in the prime or outdoor unit increases drastically over time while your HVAC system is used. If your ducts leak, it may cause the HVAC system to operate inefficiently, which means higher energy bills for the homeowner.

Besides, it has also been observed the leaks between the air filter and Freon which have the capability of lowering the heat as well as cause noise. Many people start working on the ductwork on the HVAC system that protects them to reach involute situations that may be horrible. Proper support of air duct can help towards running an HVAC system efficiently preserving the great indoor air quality all the time that accommodates your business and home as well. Below, we’ll discuss vital reasons that are responsible for the malfunctioning of the air ducts:

8 Signs Of Air Duct Leakage

1. Rugged Air Flow:

Ducts of the HVAC system are made to ventilate air throughout the home or offices evenly. If you’re feeling stuffy in your room even after turning on of the HVAC system or not feeling the air coming from the vent, it may be a sign of malfunctioning in the air ducts of your HVAC infrastructure. You can also feel the gradual decrease in the intensity of the power of airflow during the malfunctioning of the HVAC system. Besides, plenty of airflows may also occur sometimes due to the duct leaking that causes the unproductive performance of the HVAC infrastructure.

2. A rattling of passing air:

If you’re also facing the noisy circumstances during the HVAC operation, it indicates a problem of malfunctioning. An echo is an obvious condition to occur during the HVAC operation so if your air duct is operating well, it has the capability to control it. But if it’s leaking, you can hear rattling through the vent loudly. If you’re facing such problems, your HVAC technician can diagnose the problem for you. Some people with bad HVAC systems may hear a loud metallic buzz during the starting phase of HVAC in their rooms in this case you should call the HVAC technician to find out the actual cause.

3. The room is persistently cold:

If windows are open and hot air is not ventilating properly and your room is still cold, this occurs due to the improper functioning of air ducts in the HVAC system. You need to compare two rooms and know which is more efficient in cooling and heating simultaneously. Leaks in your ducts can increase your energy bill so you need to check it properly and call the technician to fix the air ducts immediately.

4. Spike in your energy bills:

Without any clear explanation, if the bill of your electricity is increasing rapidly, it may be due to the clogs or leaks on your air ducts of the HVAC system. It reduces the efficiency of the system and thus hikes in the energy bills have been seen due to the prolonged usage or mechanical complications. Here, you need to check your air ducts immediately by a professional HVAC technician to clean & fix the duct and repair as soon as possible.

5. Rodent or insect signs:

You should also check the duct of your HVAC system to look for insects or rodents. You need to clean out your air ducts immediately so that it can be prevented from any further danger of damage in it. Trash may also occur after the infestations that cause damage to HVAC infrastructure. You can also identify the existence of rodents in ducts with the smell of droppings coming near to it that may be highly obnoxious as well as hazardous for the HVAC system. Besides, rodent droppings, husks, and other contaminants may also cause infections for your guests or family members. Thus it is a big health threat for you, that should be dealt with as early as possible.

6. Debris around vents:

Keep a close eye on your vents to notice any dirt and debris around them. you should clean your vents immediately because it will save you from a blockage in your ducts. Besides, it also keeps away from the great number of contaminants rotating through the HVAC system. It may also cause allergies and other respiratory predicaments so it’ll be worth cleaning dust and debris around the vents immediately.

7. Increasing rust:

Due to the humid conditions, the growth of mold is a common problem so you need to ascertain it as well for fixing the duct problem in your HVAC system. An exposure of mold may also generate a reason for various health issues and maybe dangerous for you as well. In medical science, mold has also assumed as a factor of affecting the respiratory system, eyes, skin, and throat as well. Sometimes, people ignore these and they become victims of serious infections due to mold.

8. Dirty air filter:

Most of the people ignore the occurrence of dust in air filters where the possibility of clogging the ducts increases drastically. If your ducts have already been clogged, you need to clean the air filters immediately. Dust may also exist on the return air grills and it has also been often seen the thick & fuzzy coating of dust that is needed to be clean to keep safe your ducts from the blocking or inefficient operation.


Heating & Cooling Systems are relied upon, to keep customers, employees, and homeowners feeling comfortable all year long. It is very important to keep the temperature in control during the extreme summer and winter seasons. HVAC systems that are not working in their optimal conditions can cause homeowners and business owners to spend more money on their energy bills. This is why you need to do proper maintenance & repair of your HVAC systems. Getting annual maintenance on your HVAC systems will not only save you money on your energy bills but make sure you and everyone else is a comfortable year long.

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