6 Signs Your Dallas, TX Home AC Needs Repairs Or Maintenance?

If you’re a person who likes to be proactive about any household appliances, so they don’t break-down when you need them the most then this post is for you. Today, we will be going over 6 signs your Dallas, TX home ac might need repairs or maintenance. So grab yourself a hot cup of coffee, turn up the ac and read today’s post. This post just might save you from the frustration of an air conditioner break-down all of the sudden.

Signs Your AC Needs Repairs & Maintenance

All of us want to stay in the comfort of our homes during the hot, humid summer days. Well, an air conditioner is an important aspect that can provide you maximum comfort in such a time. But what if you suddenly found out that the AC is not working. This can get pretty embarrassing in gatherings and not to mention annoying right? The frustration grows really huge when you realize that the AC isn’t even that old, so you can’t even think about replacing it. 

It is not your AC’s fault, but partially yours since you have contributed the most towards its damage. Several factors have contributed to the system being damaged. Most of these damages are not even expensive to repair. It is usually a normal problem which can be easily fixed. However, sometimes it may call for immediate attention in which you will need to pay proper attention to the system. You may get in touch with an expert AC repairs technician that can help you diagnose the system breakdown. 

AC Needs Repairs? Here’s How Your Damaging Your AC In Dallas, TX

As stated above, several factors may have contributed towards the damage of your system. Some of the prominent ones include the following:

1. Low refrigerant

The air conditioner functions properly due to the presence of refrigerant. The refrigerant is supposed to remove heat and moisture from indoor air. Often it may happen that due to lack of service, the refrigerant pipes may develop leaks. The leaks on the refrigerant line can lead to the system losing refrigerant. 

While this may appear as a small problem, it is not. This is generally because it is not about replacing the refrigerants but fixing the holes and other damages too. If your system has developed a lot of leakages, you may need to get in touch with experts who can fix it for you. 

2. Lack of service

One of the most common reasons for quicker AC breakdown has always been lack of maintenance service. Experts suggest hiring a highly-skilled ac technician who can help service your AC each year. Servicing your ac system annually is known to prolong the life of the system. Lack of annual service can lead to easy and faster AC breakdown. 

Servicing your AC from time to time can eventually help you save money in the long run. A general tune-up or service charges are around $100 – $300 (Depending on whether you have residential or commercial ac unit) on an average. Based on the model or company, you may also be entitled to two services each year, once during winter and the other during summer. Cleaning the system regularly will help to avoid all the problems. An expert technician will know how to clean the outdoor condenser coils. It is extremely necessary to avoid the dirt and debris on the system. Apart from the condenser coils, the evaporator coil and blower assembly should also be cleaned regularly too.

3. Fan problems

Every air conditioner has a fan that is responsible for regulating cool air. The fan blows the indoor air towards the evaporator coil to ensure faster and easy cooling. Another fan is made to bring in air through the condenser to remove the heated air towards the outside. 

If the fans aren’t maintained properly, they are at a high risk of breaking down. Hence, proper care of the fans should be taken. If these fans do not function properly, they will eventually stop working resulting in poor airflow and added problems. Such a problem should be addressed immediately. If you fail to do so, it can put excessive pressure on the compressor. This can eventually result in air conditioner malfunction and breakdown. As a result, you should get in touch with repair services as soon as you can. 

4. Ice buildup in AC

Not many may know but ice buildup is very common in over-sized AC. If the AC size is too small and needs to cool up to a bigger space, ice buildup is very common in such AC. The ice buildup further prevents proper airflow. Moreover, the lack of refrigerant in some cases can also be a major reason for ice buildup in the system. 

If the ice builds up in specific parts of the system such as motor or blower, it can be pretty expensive to repair. You may either need a total replacement or expensive repair. Hence, as per expert advice, you should switch off the AC immediately. This gives AC the time to rest. It is always suggested to reach out to an experienced AC technicians who can handle the freezing to prevent further damage. Several reasons may be restricting the airflow such as low refrigerant level or dirty filters. The frozen unit puts more pressure on the system, thereby making it hard to work. 

5. Thermostat issues

Small problems in the thermostat can have an important impact on the system. Most of the problems occur because of the usage of older systems. If you have the old dialer type thermostat in the house, there are chances that it may not function properly. 

If the thermostat isn’t calibrated properly, you need to re-calibrate the system. However, one of the best ways to treat the thermostat problem is to replace the thermostat with a new and updated version. The programmable thermostats create fewer errors than usual. However, there may be mistakes in setting them properly. You should follow the instructions of the thermostat properly if you are setting it manually. Setting the readings properly can further help in fixing everything. 

6. Leaking duct

Ductwork is one of the most important parts of the central air conditioning system and is responsible for cooling your entire space. Leaks around ductwork channels can prove to be pretty expensive to fix. Since leaking ducts prevent the cooled air from reaching the desired destination, it will put more pressure on the system to work effectively. 

Leaking ducts usually happen due to installation issues. As a result, you should check the ducts thoroughly to ensure there is no leakage. 

Proper maintenance of the AC can help to avoid all major problems of your ac system. Besides avoiding future breakdowns, ac maintenance can also help your ac run at its optimal level. An ac that runs efficiently can help save you money on your energy bills. Getting regular ac maintenance can also help extend the lifespan of your entire ac unit.

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