7 Common HVAC Airflow Problems & What To Do About Them

Airflow is often reported to be one of the most common problems in HVAC. There are several symptoms which may help you determine the HVAC airflow problem around the house. Some of the most common indications include the following:

  • You will notice the hot and cold spots around the house. This difference in the temperature around the house is often the first sign for the airflow problem. 
  • Another major sign for airflow problem is pressure imbalance. When you constantly open and close the doors, you will eventually notice the crackling sound. Such sounds are usually caused due to poor airflow around the house. 
  • Air conditioners are bound to blow cold air, but when you notice warm air coming out of it, be sure that there is a major problem with your system. This is often caused due to an imbalance of the airflow around the house. 
  • Weak airflow or no air from the system is also one of the most common causes of poor airflow around the house. It could either be a problem around the house or just a particular area if the AC vent isn’t blowing air properly. If you do not notice proper airflow around the house, you should know that there is something wrong with the system. 

If you do not take proper care of the HVAC system during improper airflow, it can eventually result in compressor failure. If the compressor fails, you will need a new system. 

Common Causes Of HVAC Airflow Problems

Most airflow problems are easy to fix and thus are very inexpensive to treat. Some of the most prominent airflow problems include the following:

Obstructed condenser unit

The obstructed condenser unit is a very common problem and can be easily solved by yourself. The condenser unit is the main part of the system placed in the outer region of the mechanical room. 

The outdoor unit can often be clogged or obstructed due to debris and leaves. This eventually blocks the unit. Nonetheless, other equipment may also block the system. This can lead to the system getting overheated and eventually preventing enough airflow in the room. So, if you notice an improper airflow around the area, make sure to check that the system isn’t blocked. 

Ductwork problems

It is through the ductwork that air from the HVAC system reaches in our house. If the ductwork is leaking or obstructed by any substance, the air around the room can either be escaping or prevented from reaching the required destination. 

This usually happens if the ductwork hasn’t been inspected properly. If the ductwork isn’t inspected it can lead to developing gaps, cracks, and holes which will make it hard for the air to escape the region. Eventually, there’s a weak airflow from the vents. Apart from that, if dust builds up on or in your duct, it can prevent the airflow. Birds and pest infestations are another major reason for improper airflow due to duct getting blocked. 

Clogged filters

Filters are the heart and soul of an AC unit. It is extremely necessary to keep a check on them and to change it from time to time. However, a lot of us fail to do so, which is why most of the problems arise. 

The main job of the filter is to remove dirt and debris from the system. It prevents the entry of any dirt into the equipment. However, if the filter isn’t changed and cleaned from time to time, it can eventually become clogged and blocked. This has a negative impact on airflow. Moreover, it can increase the risk of hot and cold spots around the house. The collection of dirt and debris can also damage a few parts. 

 As a result, the filter should be changed from time to time to ensure the proper working of the system. Clearer filters will ensure better working. 

Dirty coil

Like most of the other parts, the condenser coil is an important part of the air conditioner. The main job of the coil is to release heat outside that is removed from the room. The condenser coils are a part of the outdoor unit. 

Since it is the outdoor unit, it is exposed to lots of dirt and debris. The dirty condenser coils will eventually get blocked and won’t be able to release heat from the space. As a result, the unit will need to work extra hard to cool the entire space. This will further prevent proper airflow from the HVAC system.

If you have been neglecting the HVAC coil, a bit can prove to be a great problem. As a result, you should take proper care of it. Cleaning the condenser coils will eventually help to keep the entire space cool. 

Incorrect AC size

Most of the problem is often detected in the oldest AC units. It is usually because the AC installed in previous times had a bigger problem. Most people believed that the bigger units would make the house colder. 

This is a complete misconception. If the capacity of your AC is bigger than your room, it won’t cool the space properly. This will eventually be visible when you notice the size of the AC. As a result, you will need to turn it on and switch off after a short time. This can have a negative impact on the AC system. Therefore, you should prefer getting the proper size of the AC unit as per your room’s convenience. 

Insufficient vent returns

The return vents are the spaces where the air is withdrawn into the system and then is thoroughly distributed. Most of the air conditioning systems have one large vent that supplies air to other vents around the house. Sometimes due to insufficient returns, it will become difficult for the system to work properly. 

Incorrect thermostat settings

If you have been experiencing hot air when you should be experiencing cold air or vice-versa, you should prefer checking the thermostat. The chances are that your thermostat is at fault. It is often due to minor setting mistakes that you suffer from airflow problems. Therefore, you can put the settings to auto, so that it can keep the system functioning as required. 

Minor efforts can play an important role in improving the entire system. You can solve most of the problem on your own as well. Being thorough with the settings can be of great help.