Air Conditioner Making You Sick? Here’s What To Do

Have you ever felt the air conditioner sickness? While you may not necessarily felt air conditioner sickness, there are a few of us who have. If you have been feeling cold, weak, and stuffy throughout the day, some of it may be due to the influence of the air conditioner. If you have been staying in the air conditioner for long, try going out for a walk. There is no doubt air conditioners are mans best friend during the grueling summer months “IF PROPERLY MAINTAINED”, but sometimes they may become the source of you being on the bed. This is why it is high recommended by every HVAC expert to get regular ac maintenance done.

Feeling air conditioner sickness is not something uncommon. Doctors have often prescribed air conditioners to patients suffering from asthma or allergies. However, most of the folks feel that air conditioner tends to make you more sick than better. It is not usually the air conditioner that makes you sick but the environment that often tends to make you feel sick. 

What causes air conditioner sickness?

The cold air produced from the air conditioner is not harmful. Air conditioners can be extremely helpful for people suffering from respiratory disorders. People usually suffer from air conditioning sickness due to fungi, mold, and mildew present in the air. 

If your room or office area isn’t cleaned or regulated, the allergens present in the air can increase due to air-conditioner regulation. The air conditioner may help you get over the potential problems, but it may not help you find the main cause for the problem. Most of the disease-causing allergens are airborne which is why they cause breathing problems, stuffy nose, and sore throats. 

Moreover, if the air conditioner isn’t maintained properly, it can itself become a breathing ground for mold and bacteria. Condensation is caused when air is pulled in. Since there is excessive moisture, it becomes an ideal ground for bacteria and mold growth. This further helps them to grow in the environment, causing further serious problems. 

Another main cause of air conditioner sickness is the cold air. While you may consider it is because of the cold sickness, but it is not. Air conditioner, when set in a low temperature gets extremely cold and low-humid temperature. Extremely low temperature can constrict the arteries, thereby preventing heat loss from the body. This further lowers blood flow around the body and decreases the white blood cells, which eventually makes the body prone to serious illnesses. This is why, a dry environment can be a root cause for nose infection. 

If you have been working in a cold environment for long hours, it will make your body prone to shivering, which can further cause serious problems like sore muscles, joints, and headaches. One of the best methods to avoid this, is to set your ac temperature setting to around 78 degree Fahrenheit.

Signs you are suffering from air conditioner sickness

Air conditioner sickness is very bad and most of it is due to the un-maintained ac system. If the ac unit isn’t taken care of properly, it can cause a lot of problems. Dirty air filters can make you prone to various respiratory and skin disorders. Some of the prominent symptoms of you suffering from air conditioner sickness include the following:

1. Breathing Problems

An un-maintained air conditioner blasting cold air into an open space can make you prone to various health risks. Most of the office spaces do not contain regularly cleaned air conditioners. This can lead to dirty coils and filters which may eventually be breeding ground for various microorganisms. An unchanged filter can be home to bacteria and fungi. Moreover, it can also give way to black mold because of high moisture formed due to condensation. 

The cool air passing on to the system can give way to condensation. These microorganisms can be a threat to your respiratory system, thereby giving way to different respiratory disorders. Cleaning the coils and changing the filters regularly can help to ensure that the air conditioner is working fine. 

2. Dry skin

If you have been spending a lot of your time in the air conditioner, maybe it is time that you stop yourself from doing so. This is usually because it has a damaging impact on your skin. Due to the cold, dry air, the skin tends to lose its natural moisture. Hence, the more time you spend in the air conditioner, the dryer it would become. 

Dry skin will always make your skin feel itchy. To prevent this drying and irritating skin, you should use a high-quality moisturizer. However, you should be using a moisturizer that suit your skin. Moreover, drinking a lot of water can also help in keeping your skin moisturized. 

Obviously, it’s extremely hard living without an A/C during the summer months in Texas, and we don’t recommend it either. But consistently staying in a environment that is ac cooled for extremely long hours can cause your skin to become dry. What we do recommend is going out for couple of hours and letting the nature’s moist air do its thing then heading back to the cool haven of your home.

3. Weight gain

Experts have suggested that air conditioners help us to stay comfortable. The temperature will prevent us from exercising and prevents us from moving. The only problem is that it does not allow us to lose weight. Therefore, our body fails to adjust to the temperature and eventually leads to weight gain. 

If we feel hot, we turn on our air conditioners to make ourselves comfortable. In the midst of this, we do not want to go out and exercise. Moreover, in a cold and comfortable environment, we tend to eat more than usual.

There is no harm in staying comfortable in the coolness your ac provides, but we should always try to include a healthy set of exercises in our daily routines.  

4. Heat intolerance

Not all of us like heat, but it is necessary to understand whether we have become heat intolerant or not. One of the best ways to determine is whether it is impossible for us to stay in hot temperatures or not. Anyone who spends a lot of time in air conditioners, tend to become intolerant of heat. This eventually restricts you from visiting hot environments, if you have been living in a cool environment. 

Becoming heat intolerant can make you miss many of the beauties of summer. Think about going to the zoo, or visiting your local park. If you’ve become heat intolerant then these activities become a burden then a pleasure.

If you want to make your body tolerant to heat, you need to give up on staying in air conditioner controlled environment for extremely long hours. As a result, you can prefer opening the windows and eventually prepare your body for heat. Once you’ve learned to enjoy the summer heat you will find going out a much more pleasurable experience. 

If embracing the outdoors does not help your air conditioner sickness then its time to get in touch with an HVAC expert. In many cases the root cause of air conditioner sickness can be more complex than simply going out for couple of hours. If your located in Texas then call 1st Class Air Service. One of our trained and certified ac technicians will visit your location and determine the cause. We have over 30+ years of HVAC experience. We can help turn your home into a healthy environment by terminating the root cause of air conditioner sickness.