How To Clean AC Coils

Clean AC Coils: Keeping an air conditioner cleaned & maintained is one of the most important aspects for it to be functioning properly. Whether indoors or outdoors, you should prefer cleaning it thoroughly. Often the outdoor unit is prone to dirty and moldy air which can prevent it from functioning properly. While most of us prefer reaching out to experts for cleaning the air conditioner coils, you can do it all by yourself too using spray foam cleaners. 

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Cleaning AC Evaporator Coils

Most people usually ignore or don’t give attention to the air conditioner coils while maintaining the ac system. This is usually because the coils aren’t available from the air handler and system cabinet. The condenser coil is one of the most important parts of the air conditioner. Dirty evaporator coils can cause different types of problems such as system breakdown, less efficiency, and performance reduction. 

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Importance of clean AC coils

Dirt via flowing air can often get stuck on the air conditioner coils. The pollutant buildup on the surface can further prove to be detrimental. Buildup on the system can eventually prevent heat transfer. Dirty coils can also block the airflow. The dirty air conditioner coils can eventually make the house less comfortable and increase utility bills. Moreover, it can put excessive pressure on the system, thereby leading to faster wear and break down. Dirty coils can also lead to refrigerant leaks of the system. 

Air quality can also be affected due to dirty air coils. Therefore, there won’t be any fresh air to breathe, thereby causing a lot of potential health problems. Even though air filters are meant to prevent dirt and contaminants from ruining the indoor air quality. Dirty ac coils can cause a lot of problems. If you do not focus on the air conditioner coils, it can lead to system overheating and breakdown. Hence, you should prefer cleaning the air conditioner coils regularly. 

What happens if you don’t clean air conditioner coils?

Air conditioner coils can prove to be extremely beneficial if taken care of properly. The dirt and debris collection can prove to be harmful to the entire system. Some of the prominent damages that can be caused by not  cleaning the air conditioner coils regularly include the following:

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Longer running time without cooling

If the coil is dirty, it won’t be able to absorb much heat. This will force the system to run for a long time. As a result, even for a set temperature, the system will take a long time to reach the desired temperature. 

High Power consumption

With dirty air coils, the system will consume a lot of power, thereby boosting up the electricity bills. This eventually leads to high electricity bills. Hence, you should prefer cleaning the air conditioner coils regularly. 

Faster parts damage

Increased pressure and heat on the system can lead to faster damage to the parts. This will prevent the system from functioning efficiently. Fans and belts are very much prone to damage, causing a lot of trouble. 

Frequent refrigerant leaks

The outdoor condenser coil unit is prone to a lot of exhaust fumes, pollutants, and smog. This can eventually lead to corrosion on the outer area. Corrosion build-up can cause problems such as holes and cracks, which gives way to refrigerant leaks. The reduction of refrigerant charge will prevent the house from getting cooled sooner. 

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How to clean air conditioner evaporator coils?

Since air conditioner coil is one of the most important parts of the entire system, it is necessary to clean it regularly. The air conditioner coils are often cleaned with compressed air, commercial cleaners, and household detergents. 

How to Clean AC Coils With Compressed Air

Compressed air, heavy-duty coil-cleaning chemicals can help to meet the requirements of cleaning air conditioner coils. Compressed air is often used for cleaning the outdoor unit of condenser coils. Cleaning the indoor unit will blow all the dirt and debris into the home. It is one of the quickest ways to clean the coils and will help to remove dust, dirt, and debris. 

If cleaning your ac evaporator coils with compressed air seems hard you can always let an HVAC professional do it. The professional will blow air in the opposite direction to that of the normal use. Make sure the HVAC expert is careful with fins for it can bend as they are made of thin metal. The HVAC technician can play an important role in cleaning all the dirt and debris from the unit. A professional will make sure to remove all the accumulated loose dirt from the condenser coil. 

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How To Clean AC Coils With Commercial Cleaners

Commercial cleaning solutions can play an important role in cleaning the air conditioner coils. Some of the prominent types of commercial cleaners used for cleaning coils are self-rising cleaner for indoor evaporator coils and foaming cleaners for condenser coils. These are usually available in aerosol cans or low-pressure sprays. 

Before you begin cleaning the outdoor unit, you should prefer cleaning the surface debris using a brush. Following the manufacturer’s guidelines, you should prefer using commercial cleaners. However, it is always recommended to reach out to experts for the cleaning. The self-rising cleaning agents are one of the most cost-effective ways to clean the air conditioner coils. This ensures faster cooling of the house. 

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How To Clean AC Coils With Household Detergents

Although there are different commercial cleaners available in the market, household detergents can also play an important role in cleaning the condenser coils. The combination of mild detergent and water can help to clean the coils. It is applied to the system using a low-pressure sprayer. It may either be rinsed using a garden hose or allowed to drain naturally. Based on the requirement, it may be cleaned on a regular basis. 

While cleaning the air conditioner coils, it is necessary to avoid using a pressure washer. This is usually because the pressure washer will damage the thin metal fins of the system. Damaged and bent fins can eventually reduce the heat transfer. Moreover, you shouldn’t be using acidic detergents. 

You should make sure to reach out to the experts regularly. Improper cleaning of the air conditioner coil can prevent the airflow around the house. Taking proper care of the coil can help to enhance the system’s performance. 

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