Best Ways To Heat And Cool Your Old House

There has always been an existing conflict about bringing changes in your old house. If you have your property in a specified area, you should prefer keeping a proper check on it. The biggest challenge is to deal with the heating and cooling of old houses. They are very much different from the modern-day homes, in terms of technology and structure. Hence, heating and cooling are bound to be tough.

The location of your old house also has an important role to play in heating and cooling. Although they are grand and extravagant, you should put a prime focus on beautifying them and making them comfortable. There are several ways through which you can make your old house energy efficient and durable.

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How to cool your old house & make it energy efficient?

Before jumping on to how to cool or heat your old house, you should focus on how to make them energy efficient. They have a significant structural difference from the newer homes. Whenever you are working with heating and insulation issues, you should be carefully considering all the following factors:

To know where everything stands, you should prefer getting recommended maintenance on all of your major home appliances. However, make sure to be familiar with the local laws to determine proper working. They are not only physically helpful but have a visual impact on the property as well.

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Install a smart meter

Installing a smart meter in your home will help you save money in the necessary areas. You can purchase the smart meters for a very affordable rate. Hence, if you want to keep the energy consumption of your house in check, make sure to get a smart meter.

Update lights

Since you are making renovations to your old house, maybe it is time that you update the lights as well. You should be giving up the traditional lights and bulbs and switch to LED bulbs. These can eventually last for 25,000 hours. As a result, there will be very little electricity consumption and also the newer models of lights tend to create less heat in your home when compared to the older bulbs that range from 100 watts to 1000 watts. Getting LED lights can help cool your old house.

Get smart heating controls

To make your house energy-efficient, you should prefer keeping smart heating controls in your home, especially consider getting a smart thermostat. The smart technology can help you save money as well as energy. You will also get to have a check on the monthly reports. This will further be helpful on the annual basis of the energy expenses of the old home.

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Invest in renewable energy

You should get proper renewable energy sources for your house. The most popular renewable sources of energy are solar and wind. This means you will get to withdraw energy from the ground and air. Using renewable energy to generate electricity will help you save money on your electricity bills. However, make sure to check with the installation process to avoid any headaches down the road.

Block chimney

Most of the house’s heat is lost due to an open chimney. However, this is not a major concern as you can easily seal them to prevent energy loss. You should prepare a thick layer of felt and insert in the chimney through the fireplace, to prevent energy loss. You can remove this when you are lighting the fire during the winters.

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How to cool your old house?

Most old houses were built even before the concept of air conditioners were brought in the market. As a result, they aren’t equipped with modern infrastructure. Nonetheless, the traditional air conditioners may not do any good for the structure.

If you are trying to cool your old house with the most economical method, you should prefer doing the following:

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High-Velocity HVAC systems

Ductwork is often installed in areas we cannot see. However, sometimes, your old house may not have the place to accommodate ductwork and this may become an obstacle in cooling your old house. You should prefer getting the high-Velocity HVAC systems as they particularly use only a dedicated HVAC unit. These are however connected to a mini-duct system that offers to heat and cooling around the house.

The high-Velocity HVAC systems are efficient and use mini-ducts smaller than the standard ones. Since they are small, they can be easily installed around the house. They even have smaller vents, and therefore there would be fewer disruptions in the interior decoration of your house. High-velocity HVAC systems can help you cool your old house.

Ductless Mini-split HVAC

Another potential solution to solve the ductwork problem is to get a ductless mini-split HVAC system. Going by the name, they do not need ductwork installation, thereby helping you cool the house. These systems usually work with heat pumps that are connected to the interior of your house. This offers balanced conditioned air around the house. However, if you’ve got the money and would like to enjoy the full advantages of an air conditioner then it is recommended to get a proper central cooling unit installed. This may sound like a big investment but in the long run, this is the best investment no matter how you look at it. Best of all it has been noted that getting a central heating and cooling system installed can potentially increase the value of your home.  

There is a difference in the interior and exterior line connections. Both these units are however connected through lines via a hole in between them. The interior unit is placed on the walls, and a remote is used to control the system. This ensures that the system can be independently controlled. As a result, not only does it put the system to use but it also helps to save money.

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How to heat an old home?

Ever since the time of development of the old houses, there have been several improvements in the heating and ventilating systems of homes. As a result, to heat old homes, you need to be thoroughly prepared for it. Some of the prominent ways to heat your old home include:

Mini-duct forced air system

This is also known as the Unico system and is one of the best mini-ducts systems for air conditioning. It may as well come with an electrical furnace. Unico systems provide air at high speed and can be extremely beneficial for the old houses since they have vents all around. It can help to provide all the convenience you or your family needs.

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Radiant Heat

Hot water pipes fixed on the floor is a concept that became popular post in World War II. Radiant heat is comfortable and offers fixed heated air around the house. Radiant heat is often found in old houses. However, these may be prone to leaks. As a result, you should prefer checking with the system to avoid problems such as leaks. Make sure to use the modern radiant heating system for convenience.

Heating or cooling your old houses isn’t a tough job. You should prefer checking with the experts who may help you bring about changes in your old house and make it modernized.

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