Furnace Tune-up

How You Can Prepare Your Furnace For Winter

Your HVAC units need support to reach their highest potential and when winter comes that exactly the type of performance you need out of your furnace. Even an older, relatively inefficient furnace can be great with the right habits and preparation. We’ll walk you through our tips to get your furnace safely through the winter months without a hitch!

Weather Proofing Your Home

Your furnace is going to be working really hard to heat up the space inside your home. However, many homeowners fail to prepare their homes to be receptive to that heat and to hold on to it. In an ideal world, your furnace rarely has to turn on because your home will be retaining the heat from your furnace for an extended period of time. This is where weatherproofing comes into play.

Drafts are the enemy of your furnace. Drafty spots in your home pull heat out of your home and replace it with cold air. The most common areas for drafts are under your front door and around your windows. We can compensate for this with something called weatherstripping.

Weatherstripping is an umbrella term for a variety of inexpensive tools that can insulate your home at particular problem areas. It may come in the form of a foam pad that you can slide under your door or in the form of tape you can put around your window connections. With how cheap and widely available these products are, weatherstripping is a simple way to improve your home’s insulation.

Window Sealing

Weatherstripping tools focus on where air can easily get out, such as around and under your windows and doors. However, heat can escape your home through the window itself. Glass is not a great insulator, unlike your wooden front door. Heat can easily transfer through a window. This is partially why you get condensation on your windows, but not so much on your door.

So, how can we prevent heat transfer through a glass window? The best way is to switch to double or triple-paned windows. It may seem like overkill, but it will essentially eliminate heat loss from your windows. It’s a very common thing particularly in areas of the country with harsh winters, but Texans can benefit as well. Remember that insulation has benefits year-round. If your windows do a great job of keeping in hot air in winter, it will keep in cold air during the summer.

If you don’t want to take a drastic step, other tools like insulation film can give a similar, but smaller effect. Insulation film is very cheap and simple to install, so it could be a great option!

Get a Furnace Inspection

This last tip is one of our most important ones. While you need to prepare your home to hold onto the heat your furnace generates, you can’t do that and then neglect the furnace itself. As we mentioned at the beginning of this blog, even an older furnace can be made efficient with the right prep, but you still need to get that furnace inspected and tuned up.

Our HVAC pros can take a look at your HVAC units and give some recommendations on how you can improve your efficiency. Additionally, we can ensure that your furnace is safe to use and that you won’t have anything to worry about when it comes to carbon monoxide poisoning or other problems.

The pros at family-owned 1st Class Heat & Air, Inc are eager to help you prepare for winter. If you’d like to know how you can increase your furnace’s efficiency or if you want a tune-up, give us a call at (972) 846-8819 or fill out a simple online contact form!